COVID-19 Guidelines

The Altamonte Springs Recreation Department has begun a phased reopening of recreation activities, which have been structured for the safety of our patrons.

COVID-19 Exposure Procedures

Participants Exhibiting Symptoms

  • Participants are advised to stay home, seek medical attention and not return until they have been released by a physician or medical health care provider.
  • If a participant has attended an activity within two days prior to showing symptoms, the City's Risk Manager will notify all participants, coaches and officials who were in direct contact with the individual exhibiting symptoms (i.e., within 6 feet for longer than 15 minutes).

Potential Exposures

  • If a participant is potentially exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19, they must remain quarantined for 14 days from time of exposure before they can return to their organized activity.
  • The City's Risk Manager will notify all teammates, coaches and classmates of the individual who was potentially exposed.

Confirmed Cases

  • If a participant has tested positive for COVID-19, all teammates, coaches, classmates and officials will be notified by the City's Risk Manager of the confirmed case. The letter will require these individuals to quarantine for 14 days from the date of exposure and avoid participation in any City of Altamonte Springs program during this time.
  • If the exposure to a positive case is at least two days or more from when the group last participated, the City's Risk Manager will notify all teammates, coaches, classmates and officials notifying them of the positive case. The team may continue to participate in activities and will self-monitor.

Health & Safety Protocols

The City of Altamonte Springs is committed to keeping participants, volunteers, staff and families safe and healthy during this unprecedented time. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, we have prepared the following protocols in accordance with the Seminole County Executive Order.  

Staff, Volunteers and Officials

  • Staff and volunteer coaches are required to wear face coverings (masks) and carry sanitizer at all times.
  • Staff and volunteer coaches who are feeling ill or have symptoms of COVID-19 will stay home.
  • Staff and volunteer coaches will promote healthy hygiene including frequent, proper and effective hand washing, use of hand sanitizer and covering of coughs and sneezes with a tissue or inside of elbow. 
  • Staff and volunteer coaches will encourage and maintain safe social distancing. 
  • Officials will wear face coverings (masks) at all times.   

Participants, Parents and Spectators 

  • Parents and spectators are required to wear face coverings (masks) and practice social distancing in accordance with the Seminole County Executive Order.
  • Participants and parents should practice proper hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette. 
  • Participants, parents and spectators who are feeling ill or have symptoms of COVID-19 should stay home.
  • Parents are asked to self-report any instances of positive COVID-19 cases of registered participants as well as any contact the registered participant has had with any individual who has tested positive for COVID-19. 
  • Parents and spectators can bring and use their own chairs and set up outside of the perimeter fence with social distancing requirements. Bleachers will be off limits and dedicated as extended dugouts.  
  • Noncompliance to the Seminole County Executive Order, City policy or league rules could result in activity cancellation or violator removal from the site. 
  • Participants and parents should arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before a practice and 30 minutes before a game. 
  • Participants, parents and spectators should not loiter in the parking lot and should leave immediately following their scheduled activity.  
  • The City has enhanced its cleaning and disinfecting schedule and procedures.